Alphabet Boys

Season One: Trojan Hearse

Alphabet Boys reveals the secret investigations of the FBI, DEA, ATF, and other alphabet agencies. Hosted by journalist Trevor Aaronson, Alphabet Boys exposes secret undercover recordings that the government never wanted the public to hear. We explore cases that are both dangerous and absurd in order to ask this question: Are America’s top cops catching criminals — or creating them?

Season one is Trojan Hearse. During the rage-filled summer of 2020, a mysterious, cigar-smoking antifa warrior rolled into town. He wore military fatigues, spoke with a raspy voice, and drove a hearse filled with guns. He also kept a very big secret.

You can read more about Alphabet Boys: Trojan Hearse in The Intercept, The Daily Beast, Democracy Now!, The Guardian, and Reason.

About Trevor Aaronson


Trevor Aaronson is the author of The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism and the creator and host of documentary podcasts including “Alphabet Boys” and “American ISIS.”


American ISIS

American ISIS is an eight-episode documentary podcast that tells the remarkable story of Russell Dennison, an American ex-convict and Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State in Syria. As U.S. and coalition airstrikes rained down on ISIS fighters in 2018 and 2019, Dennison secretly recorded dozens of hours of audio about his past and his life with ISIS and sent them to journalist Trevor Aaronson with one condition: Nothing he said could be revealed until he was captured or — more likely — killed.

You can read more about American ISIS in The Intercept. Uproxx included “American ISIS” on its Best Nonfiction Podcasts of 2021, describing it as “a strange, unforgettable, bittersweet, Heart of Darkness kind of listen.”

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